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Zhejiang Jikrypton Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2021, and launched Jikrypton brand and its first product - Jikrypton 001 in April 2021.
Jikrypton is an intelligent travel technology company driven by intelligence, digitalization and data. Adhering to the concept of user oriented enterprise, focusing on the research and development of intelligent electric travel forward-looking technology, it builds a scientific and technological ecosystem and a user ecosystem. With the mission of "creating a travel life of extreme experience together", it is committed to bringing users the ultimate travel experience from product innovation, user experience innovation to business model innovation.
The birth of Krypton Pole is different from the traditional car making and new force mode, realizing the rapid evolution of intelligent pure electricity, and opening up the "Krypton Pole Mode" for the development of the third track of pure electricity.
Jikrypton is committed to establishing new user relationships, achieving co creation with users, evolving continuously according to user needs and creativity, and achieving equal integration between enterprises and users.
As of October 1, 2022, Krypton announced the latest monthly delivery data. In September, Krypton 001 delivered a total of 8276 vehicles, with a total of 45481 vehicles delivered.
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