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  • All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Car dealership Chamber of Commerce, used car export professional committee standing member unit
    The All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Car dealership Chamber of Commerce Second hand Car Export Professional Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Second hand Car Export Professional Committee") is an internal branch of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Car dealership Chamber of Commerce (hereinafter referred to as the "Auto Chamber of Commerce"), which is composed of auto whole car enterprises, used car dealers, used car trading markets, upstream and downstream enterprises of the used car export industry chain, business associations and other voluntary enterprises Groups and individuals are national industry organizations that safeguard the interests of the second-hand car export industry and the legitimate rights and interests of committee units, and promote the healthy development of second-hand car exports and related industries.The main tasks of the second-hand car export committee are:1. Actively participate in or assist government departments in conducting research, argumentation, evaluation, formulation, and promotion of policies and regulations related to second-hand car exports.2. Organize the publication, promotion, training, certification, and interpretation of standards related to second-hand car exports.3. Collect and organize technical, management, and market information related to second-hand car exports both domestically and internationally, conduct statistics and research on the second-hand car export industry, and provide various consulting services for government departments and industry development.4. Carry out various forms of communication and cooperation with relevant governments, enterprises, organizations, etc. in the second-hand car export industry abroad, and establish bilateral or multilateral communication and exchange mechanisms.5. Guide committee members to comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations, formulate self-discipline conventions for the second-hand car export industry, regulate market competition order, and maintain a fair competitive environment for second-hand car export related enterprises in the domestic and foreign markets.6. Organize seminars, forums, offline salons, exhibitions, etc. related to second-hand car exports, organize committee members to study abroad and learn international experience in second-hand car export management.7. Complete other matters authorized or entrusted by the Automobile Chamber of Commerce and relevant higher-level departments.
    Jul 6,2023
  • Business license
    Oct 20,2022

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