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Chang'an Automobile is one of the four groups of Chinese automobile companies. It has 160 years of history and 38 years of car building experience. It has 14 production bases and 33 complete vehicle, engine and transmission factories around the world. In 2014, the sales volume of Chang'an Chinese brand cars exceeded 10 million in total. In 2021, the total sales volume of Chang'an Chinese brand cars will exceed 20 million.
Changan Automobile has more than 11000 engineering and technical personnel from 24 countries around the world, and has established a global collaborative R&D pattern of "six countries and nine places" with respective emphasis in Chongqing, Beijing, Dingzhou, Hebei, Hefei, Anhui, Turin, Italy, Yokohama, Japan, Birmingham, the United Kingdom, Detroit, the United States and Munich, Germany. It has a professional automobile R&D process system and test verification system to ensure that each product can meet the requirements of users for 10 years or 260000 km.
In 2017, Chang'an Automobile launched the "Third Entrepreneurship - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Plan" to build culture, efficiency and software capabilities into core competitiveness, transform into an intelligent low-carbon travel technology company, and strive to build a "new car+new ecology".
Chang'an Automobile has launched CS series, Escape series, UNI series and other hot selling products. In the field of intelligence, the "Beidou Tianshu Plan" was released to provide users with a "four heart" automobile platform that is reassuring, happy, caring and worry free. Through the action of "bosom friends, co creation, intelligent experience, intelligent alliance, and thousands of people and billions of dollars", intelligence will be built into the core pillar of growth and security products, brand improvement, transformation and upgrading. In the field of new energy, the "Shangri La Plan" was released, and four strategic actions were formulated. It is expected that by 2025, traditional fuel vehicles will be completely stopped, and the electrification of all family products will be realized.
Chang'an Automobile actively seeks joint venture cooperation, establishes joint ventures such as Chang'an Ford and Chang'an Mazda, imports Chinese brand products to the joint venture, and establishes a new mode of joint venture cooperation between Chinese automobile enterprises.
Chang'an Automobile always takes "leading automobile civilization and benefiting human life" as its mission, takes customers as the center, products as the main line, and continues to provide high-quality products and services, creating a good environment and development space for employees, taking more responsibilities for the society, striving to promote the third entrepreneurship - innovation and entrepreneurship plan, transforming into an intelligent low-carbon travel technology company, and striving to achieve world-class automobile enterprises.
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