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XE700D Mining excavator CHINA 2022

XE700D Mining excavator CHINA 2022

XE700D Mining excavator  CHINA 2022
XE700D Mining excavator  CHINA 2022XE700D Mining excavator  CHINA 2022XE700D Mining excavator  CHINA 2022
CategoriesBuilding Machinery
BrandYitongda China Used Cars for Sale
Operating weight69000kg
Bucket capacity2.4-4.6m³
Engine power336/1800kW/rpm
Maximum excavation radius11580mm
Update TimeJun 22,2024
Detail Information
 XE700D Mining excavator
 XE700D Advantages Introduction

  The original imported engine is used. It meets TIER 3 emission standards, and has the characteristics of strong power, low noise, low fuel consumption and low emissions, which can meet the requirements of various construction conditions. The high pressure fuel injection system is adopted. The fuel injection process is fully electronically controlled through the control of the fuel supply actuator and timing actuator by the ECM. The fuel injection quantity and time are precisely controlled to reduce fuel consumption and improve engine efficiency.

  The original imported hydraulic components and mature and reliable negative flow control system have extended the service life of the whole vehicle and improved the operation efficiency; A series of regeneration, confluence and priority functions of the new main valve reduce the energy consumption demand; The hydraulic oil adopts an independent heat dissipation system, which automatically controls the fan speed according to the oil temperature to save energy and reduce noise. At the same time, the fan has the reverse function, which is convenient for cleaning the dust on the radiator.

●  A three-stage fuel filtering system (primary coarse filtering+two-stage fine filtering) is set to effectively filter impurities in the oil, so as to ensure a long, high load, continuous and reliable operation of the engine under severe conditions. The latest visual oil-water separator is adopted. The replacement time of the filter element can be judged by the fuel level. The oil inlet resistance of the filter element remains unchanged throughout the use process. The cost of the filter element is lower, reducing customer maintenance costs.

  The oil bath air filter+radial sealed air filter system is adopted, which has low maintenance cost and 99.99% filtering efficiency, and can adapt to dusty and humid conditions.

  The electric control system with excellent and reliable performance is adopted to realize the perfect matching of power and hydraulic system, maximize the use of engine power, and ensure the rapid and efficient operation of the machine.

Zhuzhou Yitongda acts as an agent to export high-quality used car products in China Mini excavator XE700D mining machine heavy machinery

XCMG currently ranks 3rd in the world industry and 395th in the world's top 500 brands. Its products are exported to more than 190 countries and regions around the world, mainly engaged in cranes, excavators, loaders, road rollers, concrete machinery, rotary drilling rigs, aerial working platforms and other products. It is a large enterprise group with complete varieties and series of engineering machinery products, unique competitiveness and influence.

Mining excavator

Operating weight
Engine power
Bucket capacity
Maximum stick digging force
Maximum bucket digging force
Travel speed
Slewing speed
Maximum excavation radius
Maximum unloading height
 XE700D Mining excavator
 XE700D Mining excavator
 XE700D Mining excavator
 XE700D Mining excavator
 XE700D Mining excavator
 XE700D Mining excavator
 XE700D Mining excavator
 XE700D Mining excavator
 XE700D Mining excavator
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