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XE17U Mini excavator CHINA 2022

XE17U Mini excavator CHINA 2022

XE17U Mini excavator  CHINA 2022
XE17U Mini excavator  CHINA 2022XE17U Mini excavator  CHINA 2022XE17U Mini excavator  CHINA 2022XE17U Mini excavator  CHINA 2022
CategoriesBuilding Machinery
BrandYitongda China Used Cars for Sale
Operating weight1795Kg
Bucket capacity0.04m³
Engine rated power11.8/2300kW/rpm
Bucket digging force16kN
Update TimeJun 22,2024
Detail Information
XE17U  Mini excavator
XE17U Advantages Introduction

Product selling points The mechanical fuel injection engine meeting the national four emissions is adopted, with strong power and high reliability; The engine automatic preheating system is configured to effectively improve the starting performance of the engine in low temperature environment.

The whole machine adopts tailless design, with good 

flexibility, and can operate easily in narrow spaces such as urban streets and basements.

The working device can be deflected, with the left and right deflection angles of 60 and 50 degrees respectively. The excavation parallel to the wall can be realized in a narrow space, meeting various extreme conditions of excavation construction.

The split canopy and 

reversible seats make the narrow space more accessible.

Open the rear hood, and the diesel filter, oil filter, oil-water separator, air filter and other components can be inspected and maintained within reach; The inspection and filling of engine oil, starting motor, battery and auxiliary water tank are extremely convenient.

Zhuzhou Yitongda acts as an agent to export high-quality used car products in China Mini excavator XE17U mining machine heavy machinery

XCMG currently ranks 3rd in the world industry and 395th in the world's top 500 brands. Its products are exported to more than 190 countries and regions around the world, mainly engaged in cranes, excavators, loaders, road rollers, concrete machinery, rotary drilling rigs, aerial working platforms and other products. It is a large enterprise group with complete varieties and series of engineering machinery products, unique competitiveness and influence.

Operating weight
Bucket capacity
Engine rated power
Bucket digging force
Maximum excavation radius
XE17U  Mini excavator
XE17U  Mini excavator
XE17U  Mini excavator
XE17U  Mini excavator
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