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Fact or Fiction? Breaking Down Three Common Misconceptions About New Energy

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Fact or Fiction? Breaking Down Three Common Misconceptions About New Energy

Nov 28,2022
new energy vehicle
Why owning a NEV is easier than you think

Before looking for a new car, how likely are you to find yourself thinking about buying a new energy vehicle? It shouldn't surprise you that new energy-electric vehicles are becoming more common these days.

So if you're wondering about electric vehicles or EVs as we all know, that's okay, there are a lot of common misconceptions about EVs. Let's take a look at three popular ones.

1: Electric Cars Are Too Expensive

Improvements have their costs, but also their benefits. The electric motor runs on batteries. They are the storage and power source for electric vehicles. The cost of producing lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles has fallen by about 87 percent over the past 10 years as technology improves. This makes it cheaper and more affordable to build electric vehicles.

Compared to internal combustion engines, electric vehicles hit home runs. Pure electric vehicles can enjoy road tax exemption or government subsidies in many countries. You could even argue that an electric car will save you more money than a gasoline car, starting from the annual running costs.

If we compare the average running costs of a Hyundai Kona over a year, EVs vs. ICEs, even though EVs are bought slightly more than ICEs, the ICE quickly outpaces its rivals and EVs win.

2: Electric Cars Will Not Be Popular and Charging is Inconvenient

Today, electric vehicles such as electric vehicles, electric SUVs, electric bicycles, and electric motorcycles are increasingly popular. The new trend must be electric. That said, it is estimated that by 2040, 58% of all cars on the road will be EVs!

Precisely one of the drivers of this new trend is the increase in charging capabilities and applications. If you live in an apartment, that doesn't mean you can't own an electric car. You can easily find charging points,

3: I Don't Have Enough Vehicle Options

There should be around 500+ EV models in the world. This opens up the possibility of finding the perfect match for any type of consumer. The popularity of electric vehicles has grown very fast over the past few years due to the reduction in manufacturing costs and the huge advancements in technology.

Soon we will have multiple types of electric vehicles. Having more models and styles will make EVs more popular than they are today and make them a more accessible option for many.

We hope we can bust these three myths about electric vehicles. There's no wrong way to go electric. They are popular and increasing every day, and battery prices are falling. Now is the time to buy electric vehicles thanks to government incentives. If you want to buy an electric car, please contact us.

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