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The new trend in the Chinese electric vehicle market: built-in beds, kitchens, and drones!

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The new trend in the Chinese electric vehicle market: built-in beds, kitchens, and drones!

Mar 15,2024
With the increasing diversification of consumer demand, China's electric vehicle market is ushering in an unprecedented wave of innovation. Traditional car refrigerators and karaoke systems are outdated, and car manufacturers are incorporating more creative and technological elements into car design, from car beds, kitchens to drones, all aimed at stimulating sluggish sales markets.

In the current market environment, top electric vehicle manufacturers are facing the challenge of slowing domestic demand, while geopolitical tensions with major Western economies also bring uncertainty to export prospects. However, for smaller enterprises, this market environment has given rise to their innovative thinking ability, driving them to seek breakthroughs in competition.

The advantages of electric vehicles manufactured in China in terms of technology and connectivity have been widely recognized by consumers. In order to meet the diverse needs of consumers for life and entertainment scenarios, Chinese car manufacturers are expanding the possibilities of electric vehicles into new fields.

Xiaopeng Motors' latest product, the G9 SUV. The starting price of this electric car is 263900 yuan, and with just a simple operation of the car display screen, the interior space can quickly transform into a comfortable double bed. This design aims to meet the increasingly popular camping culture needs in China, while also providing a resting space for those working long hours.

Geely Automobile Holding Co., Ltd. has taken a different approach by designing their Galaxy E8 electric sedan with a special vibration frequency, effectively reducing motion sickness symptoms. At the same time, the model is also equipped with different braking systems to reduce the possible bumpiness that electric vehicles may experience during driving.

The L-series SUV of Ideal Automobile has won the love of consumers with its spacious interior space, powerful endurance, and features such as built-in seat massagers. However, competitors in the market are not satisfied with the status quo. As an emerging startup, Jishi Motors has launched its first mass-produced model, Jishi 01, which is equipped with innovative facilities such as a rear camping style kitchen and an in car drone, aiming to attract the attention of outdoor sports enthusiasts.

BYD, as one of the world's largest electric vehicle manufacturers, is also striving to enhance the market competitiveness of its high-end models. They collaborated with DJI Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. to integrate small aircraft into a retractable box on the roof, achieving the takeoff, landing, and storage functions of drones. This design not only provides drivers with a real-time bird's-eye view of the surrounding environment, but also allows them to create short videos on the car screen.

In addition, the application of in car games is becoming increasingly widespread. Tesla, Ideal Motors, and BYD have all launched corresponding in car gaming features to meet consumers' entertainment needs. However, this feature has also raised concerns about driving safety. In order to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers, Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers have implemented corresponding restrictive measures.

In this innovative competition, car manufacturers seem to have no intention of stopping. Geely and Geely have even applied for patents for in car fishing systems and in car plant care systems, expanding the functionality of cars to new fields. These ambitious plans indicate that even in the face of uncertain consumer demand prospects, car manufacturers still see innovation as the key to enhancing market competitiveness.
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